Our Vision

Growing, nurturing, supporting, learning, enjoying and loving all describe the charm of small-town living in this wonderful Valley of Plenty. 

Emmett, and specifically the historic Evans Orchard property, provides the perfect backdrop where dreams meet reality.

The Packing Shed & Co is not only a woman-owned business, but an entrepreneurial endeavor that will change the landscape on this side of Hwy 16. Restoring the acreage to its agricultural use, renovating The Packing Shed to house classrooms, workrooms, an antique market, and event center will bring life back to the abandoned property.

Working in tandem with community leaders and business owners, Emily’s desire to provide a landing spot for people to unite, support, and celebrate is progressing rapidly.

Exploring current happenings, experiencing delightful artisan creations, shopping for that perfect antique piece, and providing a place to sell your wares will happen at The Packing Shed & Co.

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Meet The Team

Our team of dedicated and committed employees are here to happily assist with your shopping needs. Sign up for our email list to be “In the know” for updates and current happenings. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via email: emily@gritandgraceidaho, call the store at (208) 365-4246, or complete the query form on this site.

Emily Graves-owner

Emily Graves- Owner

Emily’s passion to create a community meeting space to support and celebrate local agriculture and small businesses is the driver to her purpose of restoring and renovating the historic Evans Fruit Ranch property.

The Packing Shed & Co will embrace all things country charm and grace that comes with living, working and thriving in the beautiful Treasure Valley, and specifically the small town of Emmett, a jewel in the crown of Gem County.

With 14 acres of farmland and useful buildings on the property, Emily’s vision of an antique and artisan marketplace in the Packing Shed, a commercial kitchen in The Farm House, an event center, workshop area, local Farm Stand, and Store, she’s creating a resource for growers and creators, and a one-stop-shop for visitors.

Continuing with a can-do attitude, Emily’s dream of The Packing Shed & Co as a destination is coming to fruition.

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